Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For some the most important day is today. The first day of summer and also the summer solstice. There's nowehere better to see it though than on your pc if you missed it.

wo hoooo there's the sun.

Now what does that remeind me of...

Ah Tenby

Before you know it the spectical is all over!

Well although it was windy today I managed to encourage myself to get some more exercise on my bike. And today was a struggle. Mybe the extra wind restistance didn't help.

Mind it kept me away from the telly and all that footie! Once home I vacuumed and then feed the leather seats in the Eunos. Tonight is the double bill finaly of Desperatye House Wivees series II!

For those of you who didn't realise (me for one) was the £489.00 bill for the restuarant was wrong. On Sunday I poped in and discussed it with them even though I didn't have a copy of the reciept. What was forgotten was I had paid £120 deposit for the meal but it hadn't been refunded off the bill. Anyway it got checked and confirmed I was right and has now been put back in my bank account thankgod. Odd what you forget and remember when your pissed.

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