Friday, June 30, 2006

If there one thing you can be sure of, if my brother comes round he leaves a cup on the window sill next to the sofa. When Big-L's been in the car you can always expect to find he's left you a Lucazade bottle, empty of course!

I get home from work to be greated by the cat. She asks 'whats in that huge box the postie has brought round today'

Well it was a big box and all it actualy contained was two books. Franchecos Italy (hard back massive version) and

Dog run by Arthur Nersesian. I'd ordered antoher one by him too but that is going to take five weeks to turn up!

In the mean time I have actually started to read Lisa Jewels Friend of The Family - inbetween Big brother of course.

Mind I have taken every oppurtunity this week to get out on my bike again. Other things that have happened are the Green's came round with the girl with no name. And Tom of course who then wanted to play and went toy hunting! I've had to change the speakers on my Eunos as one stopped working and I took the oppurtunity yesterday to go....

to the snowdome with my brother as I had my brithday voucher. In fact when I got there they told me I could stay for the whole 3 hours if I wished not just the one as on the voucher. Good how fit do they think I am???

Anyway the place was quiet by 9pm and slopes to ourselves. Surprisingly it was like I'd never been off my snowboard - not that it didn't stop me falling over once! However it became a bit of a merry go round and it made me ern for the mountains and long long black runs of course. grrrrrrr

And so the car got loaded up for the return home. Off to the dentist in a mo. How scary........

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