Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saturday I eventually got up and went to Big-L's with a head ache! Big-L served me up the most deliicous lunch of strawberries some Greek yogurt ice cream and cream. ahhhh yummy. It was Dan's fourth birthday today and so it was off to the shopps to find some toys. First stop was Sainburys at Cannock. Well we thought it was about time we saw Beardy on the job! They didn't have what we wanted and so it was off to Toys R Us in Oldbury. A great hour spent there but still no presents bought. Then Tesco and then ASAD Great Bridge which is well a BIG Asda and saved the day. not what with what we want to get but still got something.

We eventaully made it round the Walkers with the kids playing around and the beer in the cold beer bucket. Food was eaten and some gernal chit chat had.

A few hours later and the hard stuff came out and I wanted to go in. Out came the Jenga and weel things got sloppy. Beardy took the first few moaning and groaning as usual. no two drinks the same could be had by one person. Eck there was some awful stuff on the table!

As the weather got colder Nack put on some else coat it did just the trick but there was still a chill in the air.

Beardy tried his best to concentrate but it was all down hill for him really!

And so Marget gets out another potent bottle! Eck

Which Beardy appreciated no end!

Margret kept an eye out for the cheats of course - but surley there wasn't any!

Greenie and myself fell foul on the next couple of games and I knew I should no longer be eating those extra hot peparonies!

Concentration was needed as the game got trickier.

The sony phones built in light came in handy for some.

But unfortunatly not me as I lost had a drink and then hurled up them extra hot peperonies!

A magnificant monument!

Greenie begins to look the worst for wear!

Just as things get tricky again!

He can't belive he lost again!

It helps if you keep your eyes open Greenie!

And again he loses. Whats that your not going to drink any more?

Hold on have you wet yourself?

It looks like Greenie might well have been cheating and wasting some very good liquor!

So what do you have to say for yourself then????? Greenie went home and it was time for bed if I remember rightly!


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