Monday, June 12, 2006

Saturday was a great sunny day. Too nice to watch the footie on telly so I got the map out and decided to head to the coast after getting my hair cut. Now my hair is short, shorter than normal as I could tell the hairdresser was trying to get rid of the hair that was sticking up and getting my hair shorter and shortewr in the process. But I acutally like it a lot. Once done I got in my car and headed off towards Welshpool at a rate of knots. On the way there I thought I'd check out the coast from Aberystwyth and on towards the North.

First port of call Borth and from a distance this remote area looked promising.

As I get nearer its obvoiuse this place ain't as great as its made out to be and there's no way I'm going to hang around here. No photo even of the place its self!

It's back up the B4353 and then A487 towards Machynileth.

Once there I follow the coast around via the A493 to Pennal. Here there was a back road which passes through an area called HAppy Valley. I can't see mind. There's nothing remotely happy or interesting down here.

As I head past Tywyn in the distance there is a backroad leading to some mountains and Castell y Bere. Most tempting but I stuck with the coast road.

Eventually I reached Harlech whihc proved of all the areas I'd stopped at to be the best place around.

And so to the beach it was for a few hours of sun and reading, with the waves breaking in the back ground.

A nice and empty beach. Eveyone must be watching the footie.

Eventually I decided it was time to move on. I follwoed the coast road upto Maentwrog and then south down the A470 to Trawsfynydd and past two grotesque power stations in the middle of beautiful Wales. From here I took a minor road across the Snowdonia National park.

Of course you can't ever have enough cattle grids to cross..

Gate to open, pass through, close...

Scenic beauty and isolation.

Along here I met noone. But why would you. Its more like a ramblers paradise but there was none of them either to moan at me driving through the country side with more load exhuast not ruining the silence.

you may think there is a lot of photos of the car but thats because I had to keep getting out of the car to open and clsoe the gates.

Worst still was the fact my camera had developed a fault! The lense cover would not fully open so taking these shots was difficult enough!

My favourite picture!

I bet all the others are pye eyed in the bull right now.

Enoughof the car look at this....

The Hills are Alive..

Which is rather worrying. I wouldn't like to around here in the dark!

Whats in my mirrors. Ah hills!

Yep I'm surrounded by wilderness!

And the road goes on into the distance towards more wilderness.

Must have been another gate then.

you'd think there would be nothing else much to say would you.

More wilderness ahead. Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea. I'll never make it to the pub before closing!

Something new.

More Green stuff

Hills and

winding road

Whey hey the main road at last now I consider what to do. I'm asked in Welsh if I'm lost I guess. I just say I'm fine just checking my map. I decide to continue the epic journey on minor roads towards Llanwddyn.

Up up and up another narrow twisty road.

Good views down mind!

On into more wilderness.

Ah the top of the hill.

Look look look hills.

Look something to read - wow

Intresting stuff too!

Not that I was going to tell you what it said.

This cross came up in the board though. Doesn't look special does it. Infact it doesn't look old either!

Time to go...

Mind it doesn't look like English is well liked around here. Everything painted out or the English version just vandilsed!

Onto Lake Vyrnwy.

Great eh. A big pool of water.

With my car next to it!

A couple fo pieces of wood.

and somewhere to sit.

Trees from Canada line the road.

A tower in the distance.

A bridge too.

Thje lake from the bridge

which is exactly where I am! From here to Welshpool and then onto the Bull in Codsall for an hour before it closed and a good nights sleep!


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