Monday, July 10, 2006

We've had some wonderful sunsets lateley. I kid you not.

Surprising what you can see if you actualy open your eyes..

For the most beutiful things in the world are those nature creates for the shortest time.

Several important things happened on Saturday. I got my hair cut. There was a large que but I didn't have to que at all. I meet the darleks!

In fact I was a darlek. Mind it was safer being a darlek than being outside this suit. That sword looks painful!

Told you it was me in there. Boy was it hot.

Then Tom wanted to be a darlek! Well at least I was safe out here then!

He closes the hatch and we get some peace and quiet for a bit.

Far more room in there with Tom than when I sqeezed in.

The things kids love are not the things you likely expect. And the Darlecks are only £6.99 from Wolvo Council!

Dan turns up and things get nasty!


I save the Cobra though thankgod!

Big-L and Greenie try to wear Tom out. Some hope!

For a moment it looks like he's going to sleep....

So Greenie tries to relax for his birthday!

While we watch my third favourite sport - not just tennis but womens tennis ;)

Does this kid never sleep????

Hold on whats going on here....

He's out, but so am I.....

And look Big-L has fallen asleep to!!

Sunday and not a lot happened. Some Italy research. Martin brought around the Cavailer for a quick rear passenger brake adjustment part and then off we went to see Pirates of the Caribean. Johnnny Depp o so cool. And the bird of course :)

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