Friday, August 18, 2006

Although my contact lenses have come my new glasses haven't, in fact its now Friday and I still haven't heard about them.

Mind these lenses are much better focus wise than my old ones.

In preparation for the Italian Tour I have managed to get hold of a 1 gig card for my camera. Mind in the cameras highest mode this still only give 411 photos. Next mode down 822! That should do.

Well Big-L and myself have spent a fair few hours looking and booking and this is the proposed route for the Italain Tour which is going to go something like this:

Wolverhampton to Dover.
Dover to Calais.
Calais to Reims (Stop for some sleep).
Reims to Genoa for 5:30pm to catch the luxury cruise liner to Palmero.
Sleep, drink, eat, research where we are going on the 20 mediaterian cruise.
Palmero (Scilly) - arrive at 4:30 ish. Go to hotel to sleep.
Palmero city and area. Sleep
Mount enta, then a ferry across to Italy and onto Matera to sleep in a cave!
Matera area to Potenza to Almifa to Sorento and sleep
Naples and area for a few nights.
Naples to Tivilo garden, to Siena, sleep.
St. Gimignano to Pisa and onto Florence. Sleep
Florence for a couple of days.
Florence to bologna - imola - modena - venice sleep.
Stay in venice a couple of days.
Venice to lake garder to Milan - sleep
stay in milan for a couple of days.
Sprint home before we have to go back to work.

Rougly a journey of 3200 miles not including the ferry to Scilly!

Perhaps when I said we are staying in a cave in Matera I ment a cave like this. (click image above).


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