Sunday, August 06, 2006

Friday night I left work in Birmingham and drove to the airport. I parked up in multistory 3 and meet Di and Greg in the bar. Well Di anyway, Greg made his usual late appearance. I got some Ralph Lauren Blue when in the duty free which came with a free deodorant stick. erm lovely. The flight took off on time after getting another quick drink with Greg in the lounge, before taking off to Edinburgh. We arrive at the apartment have some chicken salad for tea and then get ready to go out.

Now when I said out I didn't mean very far. In fact across York Place on the opposite side of the street to the apartment there is The Comedy Stand. So it was time to get a drink and be amused all night. Boy I love these comedy nights out. Why oh why do I not go to them more often?

Well the comedy show went on until around 2am. Which meant some of us were a tad tired the next day and didn't want to get up for breakfast. One of those people was Les and the other me. Instead we got up gradually and watch bid up TV!

Now I'm not sure if Greg was tired or was just dreaming about going shoe shopping with Di?

And while the girls went shoe shopping the boys went beer shopping at the bar next door. Now I remember why I like this city so much.

We walk down to St. John's church and around the craft fair held on the covered up graves!

Before moving onto the West Princess Street Gardens.

Nice view of the castle.

And a very exciting ride on the caroursel. Well for some. All that going round and round in circles would just make me feel too sick.

none of them throw up. So disappointing!

We walk up the gardens toward the old town.

And once there decide to find a bar which serves food for dinner. But I'm sure I have only recently got up?

Looks like a church but in fact its The Hub. Yep center of the Fringe Festival. Just think mellow yellow and you can get a cup of coffe there too.

How about here.

Anywhere around here?

We eventualy find somewhere serving food with seats in the beer gardin in the Grass Market - called the Beehive. And if you site in the beer garden you will soon realise why its called the Beehive.

We walk up to the Royal Mile again looking in some shops and wondering what to do.

Now there one thing I have not done in Edinburgh and it invloves something of a walk, which we all apreciate I do not like at all. However I was in the mmod to conqure the highest point around and so we were off to find Arthurs Seat.

It was time for the footie scores so we ended in another pub believe it or not! And no more beer for me please I'll have a pint of orange squash and I get the guide book out to look up how to get up Arthurs seat, which has nothing to do with King Arthur at all.

Gulp look how far down the Royal Mile we have come already.

I guess this blokes important and can remember he did get mentioned on the bus tor we did last year, but for what exactly?

Look its the bargain building of the year. Yep we are graced by this monstroicity - Scotlands Parliment.

There it is the hill we have got to climb. Is everyone feeling energetic?

Looking back towards the Parliment buildings again. Where Guy Fawkes when you need him?

It kind of looks like some appartments.

Look how steep the path is. Will it be worth it I can here Big-L pantting?

A lsightly higher view. Yes its going to continue like this with a photo every ten steps just to give me a break.

Hold on they've slowled down a bit.

Well the view just gets better the higher you go.

Mind I'm being to regret this myself. If only they had two things. A chairlift up and snow to snowboard down!

Told you the view slowly gets better the higher you get.

The castle of course

And the National Monument.

Their enthuiasim seems to be dwindling.

Rock. Perhaps this hill is a mountain. In fact it's a volcano! Dead of course. We'll leave the live ones until the Italy Tour.

What do you mean your not not impressed by the view?

Over there is the Edinburgh Ski center. I feel an urg....

To take another photo of the castle.

Big-L are you alright or are you going to pass out?

Surley this isn't it. The guide book said carry on right round and keep going up.

Does it mean climb the rock face itself?

Well this plant has tried to.

Whats that on the sign on the rock. Climb at your own peril!

Ah there's Arrthurs seat and the top. Er it still looks a long way off.

Di considers a short cut!

Yep let the girl go first lads. Good thinking.

eer don't you think some saafety gear would be a good idea?

They give up it looks like we are going to take the longer route.

This is some trek. Beardy would never believe I have walked so far!

Or so high.

I can't wait to get up there. Let me at it. I here there a bar at the top.

Intresting stuff uh.

The signs seem to be well stuck on, so no free souveniers here.

What do you mean you don't fancy coming up to the top.

The veiw is still getting better.

Although you will notice its all too much for Big-L and Greg. they give up never to conquere the great Arthurs Seat.

Yep still climbing

ohhh I can see the castle again.

Higher still..

The path knid of shrinks a bit.

Nope we are still not at the top!

A quick rest Di do you think?

Take in some of the view?

Well what can you say..

Lets move on, not far now.

So much for the mountain path.

Here at last. Wow wow wow.

I guess this is for its cloudy up here, just so you know what your missing!

For some reason there are two summit posts?

You see Di made it too.

The pther summit post.

Well to aprreciate the views you've actually got to be there!

Di is that Edinburgh in the background by any chance?

A view across the top.

Overlooking the City of Edinburgh

The National Monument once more.

Nack and the monument

Can we see those lazy buggers down there?

Yes and they are lying down! eh They don't know what they are missing.

It been a long journey. But here we are.

Typicaly the weather in Scotland can change a t a moments notice.

But it didn't. Which is luck as I'm just in a T shirt.

Di and Scoltand.

Well time to go down I guess.

And oddly its a bit of a jaunt down of course.

Steep. Steep isn't the word for it. I've snowboarded down steeper. In a kind of fashion...on my back perhaps.

Were we really up ther just?

A Mountian flower.

Just one more photo of the castle perhaps.

et me get a picture of the Lazy Boyz

We've come a long way baby.

Yeah lets have a sit down.

No I still can't not belive I actually got up there.

Let me take it in for a moment longer.

More info on the area. Grandeeeeee

Nope this one is well attached to the rock too.

What do you mean YOU want to get a taxi back to the appartment Big-L?

Well we eat in an Itialain Restuarnt in the Old Town. And with it comes the slowest service in the world!!! Hell we eventaully depart for the Milatary Tatoo.

It's like going to a big concert.

Well I'll let you enjoy the photos from here as there not much to say.

Way Hay the Saturday extra fireworks. Brill I love some fireworks.

The lonely bagg piper.

On our way home. Just one more beer before we go back though.

I wonder what's being sold on Bid Up TV?

Sunday morning and the weather is Scotlands best.

A foot!

Some how we seem to have ended up in a pub again.

Drink drink drink.

Well we do a bit of Fringe and go and See take A Break Tales at the Pleasant Theatre.

Sitting on the front row, half way through the show there is suddenly 'exterminate - exterminate - exterminate. Pooh thats my phone blarring away.......

This door is involved quite a bit.

Yep guess where the stories 'don't' come from! some people will read anything.

After the show we wander around town for a bit.

And then have Sunday Lunch in a pub on the Roal Mile. Occassional a precession go by and we have some entertainment!

This bloke knows how to play a digeray doo. And so Greg gets his CD for some insparation.

Time for our flight home. Its always nice to get away and always nice to go home sweet home.


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