Friday, August 18, 2006

Well Friday was the last night of Big Brother. And what an exciting finish it was to stay in for! Jennie was 6th, what a surprise. Welll a surprise she lasted in the house so long but not that she was the first of the six out tonight! And oh when we got to Nikki leaving it was as bad as her first eviction. You would think some of tha tfame would have helped by now. But no when Divena tried to interview her it was to be so....

Not even with the encouragment of the rest of the ex house mates could they untrumatise her.

Pant pant pants Richard comes out... Now I found Richard to be a great entertainer in the house, winding the others up soooo much all of the time. How he stayed in for so long must be a mircal. I just wish he'd come second but there you go.

Well for the interview Nikki could perform Richard certainly could. You see he never lets the veiwing public down.

Ashlyen was third another true performer. which then left two people left for the final outing.

When it came I thought Divina had said Glyn had won. er what, how can that be, and then released Glyn was second and out next. So Pete the person who made Big Brother 7 as entertaining as possible won. We all knew he would and he deserved it.... so here are some shots of him wining and fianly leaving the big brother house!

The so that bring Big Brother 7 to the End. Now you'll all have to have something to do with your lives until next time.....

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