Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well I have gone You-Tube mad and now all my pointless movies are now on there! Intrestingly The Belinda moive (76 views) and the Alton Towers Movie (262 views) has been watched extensively. Anyway feel free to have a look. If you notice there is now a video button at the bar low down on the page as a quick link stright to Nackuk videos!

For those of you who have never seen the Les Containmines video here it is in all its glory inseveral parts. Just click on each picture!

Now if that was exciting for you you'll enjoy this part!

Do we reach that famous tunnel on this part?

Not there just yet!

We suddenly jump to the end of the holiday! And yes here starts some action!

Well with all that fun being had I bet you wished you had come along too!!!!

Of course you could just enjoy Saturday nights sunset! I resisted the poker night. It was unlikely I would win any money or the racing Big-L want me to go to and that I would have loved to have gone and seen.

And so I stayed in Saturday and watched Galay Quest. Woooo Weeee

I have changed my conact lense solution to this stuff. My I am impressed. Nice and smooth.

Sunday and me and my brother went shopping for something other than contact lens solution.

And he came out with some K2 Cinch bindings for £131. Nice price.

The rest of Sunday was spent very much like the cat.

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