Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Well the one lens in my glasses has become buggered. Just like last time the lens coating has come off! Only I have taken the upmost care of these. And to prove this the coating has come off the inside part of the lens and not the outside where it is more likely to get scratched. Well with it having been 18 months since my last eyetest it is pretty pointless having a new lens and I do want to see Italy properly. So I bit the bullet and booked an appointment for Tuesday.

I get there for 9am, park my car right at the top of Betties car park and nip on in. This is one expense I really could have done without before going on holiday at the end of the month.

Well my right eye has changed significantly in its astigmatism. Not that I would ever notice. So its a new pair of glasses and some more Toric Ultra T contact lenses.

Even with a discount it came to a might £480 quid. Er I might be staying in this weekend. 'I take your not paying cash' - 'too bloomin right'. Well I take a percievingly long time to choice a new pair of frames. I may when I have some spare cash make my old ones in to sun glasses. Perhaps when its winter.

OOOOO when I get home a parcel has come. The England, Scoltland and Welsh Rough Guides.

Well the England one is a bit naff, you can tell this by looking at the Wolverhampton section....

Very interesting! eh! Well perhaps they clicked above and looked at the Wolverhampton Tourist Information Center Web page before writing it. There's not even a mention of staying at The NovoTel with its swimming pool overlooking the Ring Road!

Oh my brother snowboard from ebay has come. My this is a mighty fine Nitro board. Erm I want it ;(


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