Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Well Wednesday night Rog and myself head over to the Robin hood 2 club in Bilston to catch a moment in time and have a few beers.

We are here to see some hot bitch but first we are entertained by a band that play all covers. I this band is good. When they do the Sissor Sister they sound perfect, When they do U2 it sounds like U2, when they do the Kiser Cheifs its like watching the Kieser Cheifs. Possibly these guys are going to be better than what we have come to see!

A a beer or two. Does this beer seem watery to you Rog? Yeah it does. Your round then...

Way Hey Belinda is on at last. I wonder how many wrinkles she'll have.

Erm she doesn't seem to have her main assests out? ;(

Its good to hear the old tunnes again though. Wow ths is a good venue. I wonder who else is going to be playing here?

I like the small gigs the best now.

A bit of praying mid song - click the picutre above and watch her do a whole song - courtesy of someone....

Its rocking tonight at the Robin Hood 2 club oh yeah baby

Another beer?!?! You do realise Rog that will be pint number 8!

Thanks for coming and by the way the beer isn't watered down as you'll find out tomorrow morning!

There wasn't a sing song mind from her third and my favourite album. shuwks.

If only Andy Poade was her, I'm sure he'd have his willy out!

Circle In the Sand but personaly I prefer building sand castles on Tenby beach.

Well we've reached pint 10! And I have had nearly as many visits to the toilet. Hope Belinda hasn't noticed.

I dedicate a 'Vison of You' to the bloke who keeps wandering off to the toilet!

Some guitar riffs to end...

The band packs away.

The thousands of loyal fans dispurce.

We leave the venue in search of chilli and chips...


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