Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wey Hey the Cav is back and its going to get some love and attention...

Went up town to get my hair cut and popped into Vission Express on the off chance my glasses may be ready to collect. Wonga they were and here they are. We went to have them fitted. I put them on and she said have a look around. Now is every clear? Nope. Your wearing your contact lense arn't you. I smile and thats that really.

Better still here is a photo of them on my head when I get home! I can see again - at last.

I ask the cat what she thinks.

She puts her claws out and I pray.

I pop into Halfords and get a few filter for the motor, some premium synthetic oil which I never normaly buy cuz £32.99 is too dear for my old motor now - but a t half price and doing a fair few miles in a few days time I thought I'd treat it. The oild gets changed, the fule filter, grease up some bearings, adjust the brakes and hand brake so they are now hard as nails. No more marsh mellow effect.

Along with those I bought some stick on pockets for my MX5, two air fresheners and nothing else.

Real leather with real M3 tape on the back. Lets pray they stick!

Well they have but for how long. Not many places to choose from to position them. But at least there is somewhere to put something!

A closer look!

The only other exciting thing to happen was another 500K in the old PC. Whippy Dee.

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