Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday I woke up at 7:15am. A bit different from yesterday then. This ment only one thing - I should go to Lincoln afterall. So I got up got my Dad's Sat Nav out and programmed it up. Outside things looked bleak weatherwise but I got the roof down and got the throttle open.

Humming around was a spitfire.

Was it going to shoot us?

Round and round it flew.

It waved goodbye and then headed off into the distance.

In the distance the Cathedrale of Lincoln could be seen. But after all those exotic Cathedrales in Italy this was surely not worth seeing. So I didn't.

Down there were some dinky cars and some Dodgems!

Some cars on show.

Some maxed out cars.

I dunno - the feild seems to be full of strange small cars.

Ah look there my car in the crowd of other normal cars. When I had turned up I was asked if I wanted to enter it in one of the competitions. I looked over my shoulder and thought I havn't even washed this for 3 weeks for god's sake love - how would it win a competition?

I hold on and look down!

I've got the shakes or is it just the wind.

I'm this far north I might as well call someone on the phone. Erm they arn't in right now. Well I head west and to the pennines. Well kind of. That Sat Nav takes me for a right detour (it seems to like motorways) and then through the heart of shefield. We get there though, Somewhere like the Devils Arse.

Well we're in an area of natural beuty so its time to bore you with some photos :)

Look no car!

Another carless photo.

I reprogram the sat nav for Stockport and off we go - I do love the open road.

Especialy when its cloudy.

And cloudier.

There went the clouds and it was soon goodbye open roads. Yep one long traffic jam to Stockport. What could be so exciting that so many people want to get there?

A quick stop for another tank of fuel (I only filled it yesterday at Tesco's) and a chicken sandwhich for me at £2.19 - Aparently I could have had a full meal for £2.49 but I just wanted an quick bite - the assistant though I was barmy when I said no I don't want the drink or crisps for that extra 30p. (Me tiught or what).

Well this is Deadmanjones and Zoe's house. Its on a long street but thankgod for Bargain Booze! He came home, jumped in the car and we then headed off to a pub somewhere for a birthday meal with Zoe's family. It was late when I got home, the M6 was slow and even closed between junction 6 and 5.

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