Monday, October 16, 2006

Well the weekend started with a whole lot of booz n noise in the Varsity to watch Greg & Norfs band going through the motions of being undecifive about there band name The whispering and now to become Pris. I think it should go back to just Greg and Norf as they started out. However I guess this won't go down well with there fellow band members. Anyway here are some movie clips. Click the pics as usual!

Well what can you say. Can the drummer be put on a platform so we can see his arms swinging up and down???

The strongbow tasted very waterdown - again. What is with the Varsity its shit service (not acutally so shit anymore as it seems to have lost favor with the punters) , expensive prices and bollox beverages!

Anyway it didn't stop me enjoying the band. Good to see them back on stage at last, although I know they've done two prior gig's - that I wasn't in the country to see them.

Just enjoy........ Its better with speakers! Oh Big-L remember to watch right up to the ned of the video. You'll love the very end of the NAckuk bit - honest.

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