Sunday, October 01, 2006

With a whole load of nothing happening and a busy week at work Friday I was ready for bed. But Beardy called and said do you want to go and see the band play tonight. It was 7:23 and so this was all I needed to motivate me to get to the bus stop within 30 minutes. After all when I left work I wanted a pint. A quick call into the Possada and then over to the varsity. Naught Norf and Kirsty were about too, along with Jon.

Well it was the last gig for Third Day Away for a bit as their bass player has joined the RAF and he's off. Will the band find a new player and continue or will they have an extended break like Deletia (AKA The Whispering !).

Instead of taking some photos I took some video footage. Boy did my arm ache after.

And so the final song which was in fact their first song ever song live - awe.
(Click on above picture for 4 video clips).

Norf looked into my eye - You will not go for the bus - You will stay out late - You will go to Xtra in the lightbar. Ad smeg I did. I drank too much and nearly didn't go home. We nearly all went to the Greyhound to mingle in and drink beer in Wolves only 24hour pub. However I bumped back into Neil and l got a black cab to Trubbies house. I can remember asking if he would call it a tenner. I can't remember if he agreed but more beer was drunk in Trubbies front room!

The book which I've had on order with amazon for so so so so so so long and numerous emails from them changing the expected date of arrival it actualy came! I wonder if its as good as it was raved about. Got to finish Dog Run first though!

Another package came which was for my brother. Yep the rocker cover gasket. We opened his bonnet up and stripped the top of his engine, cleaned it up and put the new gasket on. Would this finally stop the oil leak?

With another skiing Holiday book for Val Thornes in March 2007 - I'm still complentating weather or not to go sking at Christmas at Les Contamines again. If I could only work out what this replied email is telling me, perhaps it is the answer I need? Do you know?

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