Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wow what have Brittannia Music sent me now. Lily Allen. oh Awesome! I like to be a bit experimental but why can't they send me some Indie stuff???

Well the album is in fact quiet good. I've listened to it about twenty times now I I've got to say while its not out of this world type stuff the Lyrics are in fact very very very good. I kid you not! I could be a fan in fact but I don't think it will do my cred any good if I shout it out! What I may do is play it over and over agin in the car when we nip over to France on our not next snowboarding holiday!!!!!! oh life has it moments.

Last month I got Bob Dylan - Modern times, what can I say although I listened to it a lot I think Lily Allens lyrics just bet him a bit. I thought I'd ring Egg and just check they had actually cancelled my credit card, which was lucky really as it came a complete surprise to girl on the other end of the line asking are you sure you cancelled it. We have it written on the computer you discussed a loan. eh why would that be when I had a balance of 4 pounds! She put me on hold for very long time, apoligised and said that the account would be closed within 24 hours and to cut up the card. It would be a bit hard as thats what I did after they told me to do that after the last time we spoke!

Wellto rescue my sanity I got my haircut but missed out on a post haircut cup of tea round Norfs as Kirsty had taken him shopping! Well its better than what I used to pop round for anway! On the way home I popped into the gym (now my second home!). The night was finished off with For My Eyes Only and then a quick read before I went to bed. I must put my snowboard on ebay and put some funds back in my bank so I can go to my real second home (AKA the pub).

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