Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thought it may be wise to give the car a quick check over as there a long journey coming up.

Which was bad news in a way cause now I know I need some new tyres!!!!!!! Wouldn't like to hit a puddle at 100mph with these on!

I make a note of the tyre size and head for the web!

Looks Like Hi-Q in chapel Ash have a 20% off voucher via the web site. That'll help no end.

The oil leak from the rocker cover looks a lot less worse. Still leaking but a lot lot less.

The brake fluid seems fine.

Brake discs look ok

Inner brake pads ok


Outer brake pads ok.

Lots of grease on the one wheel coming from CV joint - but it is just excess grease the boot is fine - thank god.

Hand brake is adjusted.

Rear drivers side suspension looks ok.

Rear passenger side suspension looks ok.

Engine seems fine, wind screen wipers need adjusting,

Exhaust system looks fine.

Well I have not washed it or polished it for at least a month so here goes...

Much better - much redder.

And while I was at it I thought I'd clean the Eunos too!

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