Saturday, December 16, 2006

Well Friday night I went to the Gym and then went around the Greenies. I was exhuasted which is more than can be said about Tom. We played for a bit before Nack finaly made it to the sofa with a cup of Tea. We settled down to watch 'Over the Hedge'. And so did Tom. He kept saying I'm not tired even though his eyes kept nearly shutting. Evenutaly it was time for Nack to go to bed and so did Tom after a story of 'Scary Things'.

Yep Saturday came and I was ment to leave the house early - the only reason why I didn't go to the Coven FC Xmas do. Well I ended up around my brothers before we went to Stafford shopping. Most of the time was spent in Tesco's of course - bewildered by the 32inch LCD TV for only £499.00. Some odd brand of course but with Tesco's guarantee does that matter. Away I managed to convenice myself that CRT still give a better picture so I didn't get one!

What I did get is some Tesco premium car screen wash. Hopefully more effective than halfords on thsoe COLD trips to the Alpes if you know what I mean.

I walked past the flowers...

I don't know if you have ever seen this stuff but if your lazy like me and can't be arsed to wash the cats food bowl then buy this stuff. Rip the foil lid off and feed the cat. No washing just throw the container away after. It's like a microwave meal but for cats - and I can't see the harm in slamming it in the microwave for a minute or two anyway!

While there was no big horrible ques inside Tesco, getting off the car park was another thing!

One almost fell asleep. Well I settled into a day without the gym and wenthome and ate two packets of Dorios - special offer two for one!


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