Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Well I haven't wrote much lately because not a lot has been happening - and I've been wearing myself out down the gym. I can say that tonight I struggled. In fact Saturday I struggled in the gym and only managed 50 lengths due to a massive hangover and Sunday I just swam my hundred lengths but it helped get rid of that days hangover. Tonight though I was just plain tired.

Well lets head back in time some what and hence the photo of Booth working as hard during half time as during his time in the goal area! I was trying to have a rebsh at the website on another serve hence all the photos I have taken have not materiaised. However actualy connecting to this new server is somewhat hard. So there is about half a website down loaded and now I think I may well give up and go back to using i12. Well I just tried connecting to web101 and guess what. The dam thing connecting! Blow me.

Anyway there are some footie video's on youetube under Coven FC - Coven Premier footie team now has its own youtube account! Wow!

Nope its lost connection with web101 again!

Well I've been on ebay but mainly only selling - You could have had this lot of for the Rover 600 (including a manual from the Rover Dealer) or

These for the Citreon!

Though surprisingly the CB radio gave the most interest and also filled up my email with questions and can I buy it nows! Well it sold to a surprised me.

I said goodbye to my old snowboard and wraped it up the best I could for posting it off to its new owner. Lets hope they get as much fun out of it as I have. They left me some suitably favourable feedback so they seemed happy enough with it.

Here me happy and content at work if rather busy and rather puzzeled. I'm sure I'll get there in the end, where ever it is I'm ment to be getting to!

The weekend c ame eventually and on Friday night we had our annual Chritmas meal at the Mitre on Tetenhall Green. A bit early for Christmas but at the end of the day it was lovely to get to see those yoiu haven't for a bit. Paul was obviously enjoying the wine - seemingly so was Les.

Ah the party hat, now I would go anywhere with out it. In fact when we left and headed up town I still had it on. And when the taxi pulled up outside the Civic Hall and got a right rowdy cheer from the que of people waiting to go in. Then I tied my shoe lace in the middle of the road got back up waved at the crowd and got another. It Anit Christmas yet but were all going to party anyway.

Well surprisingly Deadmanjones was here in the Little Civic all the way from Stockport. Now if this is what his magic mushrooms does to you that he grows in his back garden I'd rather not.

The beer flowed.....

And the music was awsome as usual with special guest DJ on tonight Tom.

He span those discs all night I guess..

Some times you just don't know where the time goes but before we went home I found time to go to Lazzies Kebab shop. Here I ordered the hottest pizza they did! And when it was ready I asked for some chilli source. The chap said are you sure? This pizza is really hot anyway. Yes please so he put a bit on, so I said can I have loads, so he tipped the whole bowl on it! WOW it was mouth watering and tear jerklying HOT. And yes in the morning I regreted it so to calm my belly down I had a litre of milk.

Saturday went a bit like this:

7am my alarm clock went off! (I turned it off).

Deadmanjones txt me 11:18 "I'm off to the station"

Nack txt deadmanjones 11:20 "I will be honest and tell you my bed is comfy. I could be here a while"

Deadmanjones txt me 11:23 " Not unexpected, don't worry."

Nack goes back to sleep.

I wake up eventually and feel well sore in the belly and sore in the head. I decide there's only one cure and that is to exercise the pain away in the gym. Now it has to be said - this was a stupid idea! However it did mean that I drank a whole lot of water both in the gym and in the swimming pool!
I get out of the swimming pool and get changed. I have a txt!

Matt txt me 12:52 " up Brum"

Its got to be around 4pm by now. I head off for the 4:20 bus thinking Matt may well be pissed off I have left it so late to get to Brum! I call him to let him know I'm on the way.

Matt txt me 16:34 "Meet you in harboure. Not meeting Zoe now. Get taxi to Harborne Stores pub. See you in a bit.

I get off bus and head to train station. I get ticket and look at train board. There are two trains due to go at 4:35. Look at watch - oh I haven't put my watch on. Find time it is 4:35! Run to platform 3 but get shouted at by ticket inspector. Have to run back. Looks at tickets and says ok. Run up stairs run down and there goes the train! The virgin express is still on platform 4 though. I have to run to the other end of the station over another bridge - will it set off without me, no thankgod it doesn't, straight on first coach and theres a seat. I sit down and relax in Virgin comfort.

Nack txt Matt 16:39 "Now on Virgin Express".

The virgin expres is not so express becasue it is following the central trains I'm stopping everwhere service I missed. Get to new Street. Look at time tables for trains back - decide its a waste of time I'll never remember them. Go to help desk and ask for time table. Girl dissapears under desk for a long time, seemingly in the hope that when she pops her head back I may have given up and gone. But no I'm still there!

I try to leave the station via the in turn style. Inspector points to the sign I change to an out gate. Tick inspector asks if I have a ticket! Luckily for a change I have not dumped it and hand it over. He keeps it! I find taxi que. It's huge. But luckily doesn't take long to go down.

I get in taxi - Harborne Stores pub please.

Taxi man - thats the one on the right as you go into the town isn't it. Now I think he must have been wondering why does this chap want to go to this pub inparticular.

Matt txt me 17:19 "by pool table at back"

Taxi driver and I chat, he learns that I'm hung over and that I'm going out for more pop as its my mates birthday. We get to harborne. Taxi man says do you know where you are. I say course not I've never been here before. He point towards the pub! I hand a wedge of cash over and except some change he bids me a nice night out.

I open the door of the Store pub - what a shit whole!

Find Deadmanjones and Matt near the back of the pub by the pool table. I get a round in. I'm sure the barman said £4:50! I give him a tenner. I see he's got a fiver out the cash till for my change. Perhaps he's only charged for 2 pints. Matt and Deadmanjones confirm the beer is cheap - just like the venue.

More of the lads turn up. Zoe turns up. We move pub from here to there. We go to the Green Man, Poads girlfriend turns up along with a lovely friend. We change pub......

Now I get a load of txt's I didn't see as follows:

Greg txt me "Tonights gig is totaly free! So no excuses, get urself down here. Bring strangers off the street if you have to!

Di txt me 19:40 "It now a free gig. There no 1 2 run the door. Actress and Bishop. Think Pris r on about 10:15.

Norf txt me 21:10 "Free gig" (a man of many words).

Free or not at some point I was bundled into a taxi and took to St. Pauls Square. Now I took 30 odd minutes of video but it is quiet obvouse that the camera-man may have had too much to drink! You may see the results in the near future!

At some point during the night I was asked if I want a lift home - now it may have been I looked like I need to go home I'm not sure. And it was a great idea - but ended up in Jivans the best curry house in Wolverhampton - oh and more beer!

Well I woke up at home and I can't say I felt great, and it was all down to one last txt which woke me up!

Matt txt Nack 12:46 "Cheers for coming out last night. Hope you got home ok."

Now surely you've got something better to do than read all this - like bid on these! The story could go on but why would you wan to know the rest?

Rossignol Zenith Z1 skis length 162cm


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