Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Well I taxed the car before I disapear abroad on Boxing Day. Wouldn't want to be stopped on the return home because the tax wasn't in date!

Well I settled down and watched the Posideon Adventure 2006. What can you say - why oh why make a remake and yet make it oh so utterly worse than the original! Yep even with todays technology they stick cocked it up but mainly because the story was totaly messed up, parts missing and no introductions to who was who. Well I hope the director got the sack after that.

Well we've been having a foggy spell, which hasn't happened for so long its quiet nice.

What of course isn't nice is the fact some people don't realise you don't have to drive with your fog lights on in the lightest fog.

Especialy when your driving in bumper to bumper traffic! What arses.


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