Monday, December 11, 2006

Well shooting back slightly on Thursday I nipped to the gym and then went with Big-L to the pictures. We saw the new Bond Movie Casino Royal.

The new Bond man worked well and the film was full of action, modern and yet still grabbed the 'Bond' theme, but moving them on so. Anyway I was pleased with it although the ending was a bit open for a bond movie!

Friday night brought Les's works do. We got an early lift into Cannock - somewhere I had not been for a long while. We headed straight to a pub to get some refreshments. At 7:30pm we moved to the High Green Restuarant where the festive meal was to be eaten. Beer, wine and food flowed along with some awful xmas cracker jokes. These meals just would not be the same without them. After a might fine meal, myself and Big-L headed into another pub to wash our dinner down a little further!.

Not a great deal happened Saturday, I spent half and hour or so at the memorial hall helping set up the xmas do there and then had a dip in the pool at the gym. It shifted what was left of my hangover before heading oout for my works do at the Nail Cote hotel. A fine meal and some wine was followed by the Bootleg Abba band. What can I say there was definetly boots and lots of legs, to hell with there singing! Yep I even had a boggie to them. The night soon dissapeared and volo it was Sunday!

And along with a hangover comes football, winter weather and rain! Yippe. Coven FC won and I think the ref got very close to dying at the end of the game when the other team's game went to pot somewhat!

To keep warm Big-L and myself even had a cuppa. We nipped around the Greenie's and well Tom played with me, and we had another lovely cuppa tea and some cake!

All this helped get rid of my hangover before being at the gym again but also for my third assesment! So as you can imagine I was glad not to look like I'd come from the pub from the night before.

Well its end of card 2 and onto the Green card. Yippe. Also havn't had to change anything!

She even now understands what all the numbers are about that are written on my card.

From my efforts in the gym it was off to Brum to go and see Matt and Maddy as Matt was cooking us Sunday lunch / tea / Suppa. On route I got to see Smethwick, Cape Hill and well god knows where as it wasd dark. Well the meal was nice and maybe the best meal of the three I've had this weekend! Matt was wearing his medal with pride and so he should if hes nutty enough to get up on a Sunday morning and run 10 miles for a xmas pudding!

While I was at Maddy's and Matts those ski sold, for nearly double what I though they'd go for, which I'm pleased about as they have had so little use.

And to finish off the weekend I made a new friend whom I had to eventauly say goodbye to :(


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