Saturday, January 13, 2007

Well after Big Brother I put a DVD on called Snow Job! A.K.A. Winter Break. Anyway obviously a crap film in the cinema but on DVD it works well, being acute, romantic, comedy. Won't win any awards but was enjoyable.

'Deciding your whole future is no joke. Matt Raymand Knows that, which is why he's headed to Wall Street and a big shot job whilst his best friends Carter and Pete large it up on the ski slopes of Aspen Colorado for a year. But when Matt heads down for a quick visit, he finds the slopes have an irresistible pull. No stress, no cubical, no 120 hour workweeks - your office is a mountain. Factor in some madcap friends, crazy parties and new girl Michelle on the scene and suddenly snowjob is looking like the best job of all.'

At the top of the mountain that get some advise - "to follow your hearts"

Alas Michelle appears on the scene.

They get it together kind of.

Then he decides to get a job in Seattle. Without telling her...... But realises his mistake.

Moon mother moon is a most interesting read.

Does she miss him, does she dump her Wall Street Boy Friend, Does Matt come Back from Seattle, Do they have a great party, do they live happily ever after.

Or does the book Moon Mother Moon hold a lot more in its pages than just a simple story?????


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