Monday, January 01, 2007

Well Boxing Day came and at 2am me and my brother got up to catch the 7am Ferry from Dover to Boulougne. The super duper SpeedFerries service. I've never seen the M6 so quiet.

Well the journey too 14 hours to Les contamines including the hour you have to add on.

We get to the village and there is limited signs of snow! It doesn't look quite as picturesque as last year.

The beautiful church at the center of the village.

Day one on the slopes and yes there is snow! My brother tries out his snowboard. It's a slow process of him moaning and realising exactly how hard it is! He gives in within half and hour. Mind its the longest half an hour of my life. I just sit back and enjoy the sun!

You see sun AND snow!

The run down to Etap and the gondala up to Signal.

Beautiful white mountains high up and contrasting green valleys not far below.

Ah he is now on his ski's and looking so much better.

My wonderful bed in my cosy room.

The Cav (Eurotourer) sitting outside enjoying a chilly rest.

This is crazy hot weather and wild icy skiing!

And it being so sunny there was no better way to enjoy it than a sit down and drink on a deck chair outside a resturant.

Down in the winterwonderland village there is still a bit of whiteness around.

And of course a visit to the bar for a "deux grande bier siv au plait" got other English puntters concerned about why our drinks were so big but theirs so small ;)

Next day clear heads and clear skies. We haed to the very top of the mountains to enjoy the best of the snow.

Nice and cool, nice and bright, the world doesn't get any better than this.

Do you think this is a bit steep?

No this slope is what I call STEEP! A doesn't help with this hotrod of a qucik snowboard I've got strapped to my feet.

Is this really a blue.

Our room is the Emiliy Victor Room. Room number eight!

Which seems to have a couple of love hearts on the wall. One by my bed and the other above the loe roll. Whats does iot all mean and who is Emiliy?

The sun persits in burning the snow.

The glacier above the village.

The top of the mountain monument that I didn't see last year as it was buried in snow.

Another day done s the sun goes down. Time to get some post cards, have some bier and get some tea I guess.

My favourite seat.

The glacier with the sun on it slowly melting it and making it drip.

Our Chalet to the left - wonderful sceanary straight ahead.

Time to go home and a drive through Saint Gervais.

There are some odd service on the French Motorways. Take the flying saucer for example.

Our hotel for New Years Eve. And what a wonderful way to spend the night....

Calais town hall - there must be a post box around here somewhere?

Back in the hotel we watch 30years of Swap Shop - wow retro.

I even remember it and that would make me 4ish.

Calais port 8:20am New Years Day.

The weather lloks bad bad bad - this doesn't look good.

We enter the ferry.

There must be the whole of twenty people on board! Perhaps more staff!

As we leave the harbour the clouds dissapear, the winds die down and its not a bad crossing afterall. Bugger I think I've left my phone in the hotel!

Back in the car - speedo now not working oh hum.

Off the ferry and back in Blighty. Hell I wish I was in France still

Back home, how about a turkey sandwhich?

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