Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Well I spotted a red Jacket. And I thought shall I - shan't I . Well I did.

And I like it a lot ;)

I do, I do. I could tell you all about it but I won't bore you with the details other than its red with a white stripe.

At last the parts have come for the cav! Four glow plugs, one speedo cable and 2 shock absorbers. I can't quiet believe the shocks were £30 for the both. That can't be right can it? Those bulbs off ebay haven't come though. I've sent another email, reply by Friday or you 100% positive feedback bites the bullet!

Old and new glow plugs. Well I guess its going to have to be the weekend when its light enough before I put the cav back together. And I guess it will be raining when I do it.

Well I saw The Big White and can say it was one of Robin Williams best performances. To me sometimes he comes across as though he's over acting.

The story is about a man who is trying to claim some life insurance as his brother has been missing for 5 years. However the insurance company do not want to pay out. A situation appears where by he can prove his brother is now definitely dead. However this leads to other things happening. The money however is not wanted selfishly but to help his wife whom is facing a dieease and whom he loves so very much. It's about what he will do for his love for his wife. Of course when someone returns the plot goes potty.

The film is spoilt though somewhat by the very very end. Perhaps I just didn't understand it. A wonderful film, with wonderful characters and one I hadn't heard of before but would recommend you watch even if it does have Woody Harleson in it ;)

oh I think the Big White should be The Big White Lie.


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