Sunday, January 14, 2007

Well a new lava lamp for You Tube. This one is blue! whippppeeeee

Well not only have I now watched Depeche Modes Touring The AnglesLive In Milan but I have also...

copied it to minidisc so I can play it over and over again on the way to Tignes until Mat poade decides to hitch the rest of the way :)

Last night a few of us ventured over to The Copper Bowl for an extensive curry meal. I'm sure there was far more beer involved than curry. And Big-L would love to know there was chips. Mr King seemd pleased to see us - once he remembered how we were by the looks of it, and offered dishes that weren't on thebuffet if we wished. But perhaps the most memorable part was the Indian Tonic Water at the end of the meal. It seemed strangley like vodka! Anyway no sauces up the walls which I'm sure Mr King was happy about.

Well even though my spares havn't yet come for AutoVaux (and I spoke to them yesterday about not recieving anything as of yet). I decided that with only one more weekend left before the big trip to the French mountains that I would start to take the car apart. First was the speedo cable. So out came the dash!

And then the one end of the speedo cable was removed from the inside of the car. Boy was it tight.

Into the engine bay I got it. But would it unscrew the other end. Bollocks would it!

In the end the sensor at the bottom unscrewed first. I then took the cable out with the sensor on and parted them. Put the sensor back on the gearbox and pondered what is that sensor for??

With the dash out I put the new dail decals in as the old ones where being to suffer vauxhall flake after 15 years.

I've decided to change the glow plugs for the first time in 12 years of owners ship and 205,000 miles. I doubt very much their working, which shows how good these Isuzu engines are.

Got to remove the power bar off all four first.

Exciting stuff eh.

And another nut comes off.

And another.

Its useful if you have a magnet handy.

Magic or what!

Once the power bar is unbolted from the glow plugs, you can remove the glow plugs themselves.

Thankgod they havn't seized in after all this time.

Well here they are. They look in good condition for the age and abuse. I wonder if they work.

Ah NGK's 9172's. All out what shall I do now.

Erm I give that rust a poke on the passenger rear arch.

Thats more soild than it looks. Some greenkrust on to kill the rust.

And I seem to have made rather a large hole here. Time to go and buy some filla!

Remember just before Christmas I needed new tyres. Well I got these Dunlops fitted.

No worried on the autoroute with these on.

Well I settle in for the night to watch ER on second chance Sunday.

I alos get to watch BRICK. An odd film which didn't catch me immediatly. Its not good, its not great, but it passes a couple of hours away. And of course there's a twist at the end, which starts at the beging of the film. Quite clever just no a good film - so why does it say on the back cover "classy....this is one movie you'd be mad to miss". Anyway the back cover reads:

In the early hours of the morning college student Brendan Grye gets an unexpected phone call from an old flame. Close to hysteria, she barely has time to tell him that she's screwed up badley and needs his help before the line goes dead. Its the last he sees or hears of his ex.

Determined to find out what's happened, Brendan finds himself drawn into a dark and secret world of drug rats and thugs, where one man - The Pin - calls the shots, makes the deals and decides who lives and who dies.....


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