Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Well on Sunday the footie game was alled off and while it was raining outside I got Les to agree to going on a Mystery January plae to visit. But where could we go this January?

Well I found a red star on the map and then looked the name up in my Rough Guide to Wales boook. Low and behold we needed to take a sharp diversion for several miles down some country lanes.

Best bit was Les had no idea where we were or where we were going or what we would find once there!

Well there is plenty of grass, hills and sheep - how Wales.

Could that be it there in the distance. Yep its a water fall. But what is so special about this water fall then and where is it?

Better get a car park ticket I guess.

Its Pistyll Rhaeadr Wales highest waterfall at 240ft.

And so we admired the wonderfull waterfall.

The river tumbles down the crags in two stages, flowing under a natural stone arch known as the Fairy Bridge.

Look a close up of the Fairy Bridge and guess what, look there are the faires!

We are slowly getting very wet down here with all the spray!

I consider jumping in the river for a dip. Well I'm that wet already.

Nack at Pistyll Rhaeadr.

Doesn't the valley look nice.

The book mentions 'don't miss out on walking to the top of the water fall, for vertiginous views down the valley, and paths up into the moody Berwyns.

From the car park a waymarked path climbs through the beechwoods then steeply uphill to a ladder stile. Beyond which passes through firwoods to reach the top of Pistyll Rhaeadr. Return the same way to the car park.

You will need good walking boots or shoes, warm clothing and always carry waterproofs.

The route is fairly obvious on the ground, but be advised against following it when low cloud, mist, heavy rain or snow are evident.

PARTICULAR CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN AT AND ABOVE PISTYLL RHAEADR WATERFALL - the rock surfaces can be slippery, both grassy slopes and rocks are icy in frosty conditions. THE CLIFF EDGES FORMED BY WATERFALL ARE UNFENCED.

Well its raining I have no waterproofs or walking shoes/boots or warm clothing I manage to talk Big-L into heading to the top.

Its a long and wet climb up wards.

Mind Big-L does not seem to be in a rush.

While I wait for him I admire the view.

Are we at the top yet. And grr its getting windy and cold. I wish I had a jacket like yours.

This looks slippery and boggie!

Where my foot gone???? Errrrr wet.

Where are the fairies????

Can you see them Big-L. Come on down its not slippery........... bump!

That was close! What o you mean your not coming down here. Look over here is the.....

Edge! Gulp!

There no fairies on the bridge. I thought this place was meant to be rich in legend???

Les I seem to be glued to this tree trunk I'm clinging to.

Its a long way down - oh it is so slippery....

Further from the edge thats better.

Might as well make the most of the natural beauty while we are here so here are some photos....

Are you wet Big-L? Did you enjoy that? Where will we be this time next year!

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