Monday, February 26, 2007

Friday and a load of us headed up Wolvo to celebrate Kirsty's birthday. While the others went to the Quadrant Lounge I decided I'd had enough to drink. How odd of me. Well I was spending Greenie's Inxs ticket money! I couldn't spend it all on beer so I went to Jivans for a daddy of beers.

I explained I realy wasn't intrested in waiting for the greatest seat in town, was more intrested in getting my stomach fed. I was sat opposite the kitchen. Now mu meal was delicous. But can they really justify having all those staff in the kitchen. And whats in those enormas vat on the cookers they keep stirrer. Somethings it's best not to ask. Especialy when it tastes this good!

Well Saturday came and all I truely got round to doing was getting my hair cut. And thankgod my cold in my head and lungs seems to have finally lifted.


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