Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday and we started the day slightly differently with us heading for the snow park to have some fun.

Owww doesn't it look fun. I guess Matt's glad he's got his padded pants on.

Luckily for me I don't fall, but then I'm not as brave as the person in this photo!

Well there was too many people around to make too much of an ass of our selves.

My brother and myself went off and left Matt to play in the park and on the tow ropes.

So we took the oppurtunity to do the Face again.

It was nice and quiet, oddly. Perhaps everyone is in the fun park.

A short rest break before I head down the next steep section.

Breath taking.

Still somw way to go but there's Val D'Isere.

Loooking back up the mountain where we have just come from.

We make our we back to the top where I get the tea in. I decide to have a few sugars in it and something odd happens. The tea won't sink to the bottom!

Matt makes an appearance and with our tea we have cake of course!

We head down the valley where Matt had his great fall earlier in the week. This time though he makes it without falling over.

We head down towards LA Daille once more only this time looking for the red run Triffolet, a run which is a must to do. Well I find the start of it and its closed and closed off. I nip under and head over the bridge. The others follow eventually.

Well as the piste is closed they seem to have taken the markers out too. So which way now. Well lets just have a sit down and watch where this chap goes. Hold on he's coming over here. 'Do we know the way down? We were going to follow you!' We all stick togeather.

And what a pleasant tree lined run this turns out to be.

Looks like the snow thins out ahead!

Stopp worrying it'll be alright!

Well for us snowboarders anuway ;)

Ah I can just see why the run is closed. It's not just because of lack of snow....

But because we need to cross a large stream!

Get that board off Matt.

Watch who the skier's get across first with there big heavey clompy boots.

Back to the top at Restuarant Edelwise.

We make the most of the afternoon sun and snow.

You could ski in your Tee shirt today its so warm.

We plan our last route across the mountains toward Tignes.

Enjoying the isoalted white views.

Our last Borrsat Express to get across the mountain peak.

Nearly back.

At the front door we take our equipment off for the last time, oh what a sad moment.

We have a tidy up. Now what can I do with all those beer bottles.

Yes far too much time on my hands.

Even better in the dark.


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