Monday, February 19, 2007

Hello again at last yippe thankgod its working again. For a moment there I thought I'd made a BIG mistake upgrading to the 'NEW' Blogger Type account!

You see to blog I use a program called Wbloggar which inter-actes with or several other blog sites. However it does not properly support the 'NEW'' accounts. Which I didn't find out about until it was TOO LATE ;(

Well this kind soul blogged how he found to get round it but can you believe it, it just wouldn't work for me. Having struggled to get it to work for two weeks tonight I finaly got wbloggar to work with (the new version). I have commented my mistake on the bottom so that no other fool does the same thing.

And during all this I even started to move my blog to But now I guess I will reclose that account and carry on with Mind wordpress seems to be very popular with people who are not happy with the new blogger - on the whole because google now own it. Anyway, I have a lot of blogging to catch up on so things may be a bit slow passed here for a while as well as me feeling ill.


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