Monday, January 29, 2007

Today we nip over the mountain to La Daille and ride up and down that area!

Yep another beautiful day of sun sun sun and so over the top of the mountain we go and head down the valley to La Daille

The first time we use the red cupe du monde OK

Eventaully though we decide to come down the same valley but on the side which allows you to get back up on the funicular. This being the Orange run down. Interesting I fell, however the other two were far enough back for me to get me camera out. Low and behold Matt falls at the same icy patch and.....

starts to come down on his back side.....

Hes not stopping in fact hes getting faster!

He's even smiling for the camera!

Now here just showing off...

A 180 spin on the bum!

Head first at speed is always scary mate!

He begins to slow down.

But he's not stopped yet.

Well that was spectacular. Better than you can ever hoped for and well worth a round of applause! Well done mate.

And we get a trip on the Funicular.

Matts confidence is still with him though. No he has lost his MOJO ;)

A view of the valley torward Val D'Isere.

The conditions are perfect.

And we zipp from slope to slope.

Its time to make it back home over the mountain and so head to the Borsatt Express right at the top. Beautiful untouched snow.

I don't know about you but I think we deserve a drink ;)

And perhaps act like clowns....

And so into the fish tank we go!

Its quiet in here but I can sense things are going to get out of hand later on..... Oh here come the black lesbians......

We move to crowded house. Things need spicing up competivitely and we end up drinking 3 pints in tens minutes. Mind my wallet is bulging now but so is my stoamch. With one final attempt Matt tries to win some moeny back. I however need to slow things down so the fourth I decided to change the rules. Yep you must drink your pint as quickly as possible through the straw!

3-2-1 GO.

Now does anyone remember what happened that night!

Well I'm happy at least!


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