Saturday, January 20, 2007

Well along with a service I managed to change the rear shocks which has got rid of the high speed vibration. One of them was pretty shot. Unfortunatley though the speedo still does not work even though I've changed the cable it looks like this needs replacing!

Well it lives between the gearbox and the speedo cable, and is an oddity most cav don't have them there but built into the speedo itself. So there went 50 coins to get one but at least Autovaux actually got me one before the BIg journey across France.

As you can see or can't see the drive pin has broken in here too! yippe.

I get to do the filla and smooth it nicely. However the paint will not stick. I guess it may well just be to cold for it. It is for me. So I wipe the paint off. It will have to stay like this for the holiday I guess.

Well it looks like its going to snow all week before we go to Tignes YIPPPPPPPPEEEEEE


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