Friday, February 16, 2007

Well Friday night was a night to Say goodbye to Dan who left work to go else where. I real sad day, but for some they must move on. So a few of us go up Broad Street right after work and have a fair few odd beers. Eventually its time to make it back to Wolvo, but where is the train thats meant to be at platform 2?

Its definetly not a virgin express to Wolvo so where is the train? Have they changed platform? Nope it's at platform 2 C. Where the hell is that? Well if you ask me they could do with a much bigger sign point to platform 2 C. Perhaps that what you get when you don't use the train often enough. I get to see the train leave plaftorm 2C along with 2 other customers who are mighty pissed off about the so called platform hidden away 2C.

About an hour later I'm in Wolvo and in the Cuban bar soon followed by The Quadrant Lounge with a few other people.

Amgonst the crowd is Neil.

Me in search of beer.

The Trubbies

Well I had far too many Grolsch's, which helped admire the artwork on the walls. Oddly it was really easy to get a taxi home. In fact I got two!


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