Friday, February 09, 2007

Well it may have snowed Thursday but Friday it was also snowing. I went out in a company car just after dinner and it was sticking on the roads. Eventaully we were told we could go home. It was more of a case I wish the Cav was working but no I was in my rear wheel drive, limited diff, with great wet tyres - but allpauling in snow, MX5.

The Journey home was a slow one. I had to think of the most level way out of Birmingham and to the M6.

This ment heading into Birmingham to the Matalan Island (formally pump island), where there was grid lock. And I sat here a while listening to Radio WM.

I manage to squeeze through the tight gaps as no-one was giving an inch! I kid you not, with the cars not moving the roads were now ice!

Round the island and onto the Aston Express Way towards the M6 on the slow but steady incline, the line of traffic stopped. So did I. But when the cars started moving again I could'nt. I got out touched the ground (very icy) looked at the person in the car behind me who was right on my bumper, held my hands up. I then sat back in my car turned the hazard lights on and put it into reverse and waited for the cars behind to move. Well if you saw a Green MX5 on the Aston express Way going backwards and forwards about 4 times, that was me. I got past the ice patch eventually then put the car in 1st and slowly made it to the M6.

Now it would appear everyone was stuck on the main roads and hadn't got to the M6, which was empty. Which was bad news as it meant there was only lane 2 cleanish of slush snow and ice. Anything over 40mph was a nightmare in my little car, so I just patently made my way slowly home.

The yellow haze caused by the yellow light being beamed from my fog lights.

A lorry overtakes me which is fine, hee'll clear the road for me.

Plenty of slush on the roads.

Taking it steady.

Well I got home and even got it up my estate and to the drive way. The next morning I opened the curtains and thought where's it all gone?

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