Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well today is the BIG day. The day we planned to go as far as you can over towards the Val D'Isere side, to the village of Le Fornet 1930 and to the peak of the Col De L'Iseran and its glacier area.

Well what can you say, there are blue skies and the sun is out. Is the snow melting away?

Once at eh top of thde Rocher De Bellevade we decide to do the famous Black run down into Val D'Isere - the face.

Well is it steep do you ask. Well just look at the bloody photo for god sake!

Well there you go a video of part of it too.

The way up is easier but were not going that way.

Got cross Val and up the Solais Express to the Solais area.

We go further up on the Madeleine Express. Matt posses next to the lift.

At the top Matt posses next to the sign but why? Well its over the top of the next mountain on the Leissiers Express and onto the Col De L'Iseran Valley.

Nack are you getting a case of da jar vu? What do you mean?

Like you Nack may have been here before? What makes you say that then?

We stop at the mid point in the valley for refreshments and....

To watch the helicopter do its stuff.

Once refreshed we decide to do the black run down to the very bottom. That is until we look down the Fronet run and then change our minds and go down the blue instead!

Which was a lot nicer to do thankgod but brought on another case of de jar vu.

A lot les snow I think though.

Well its up the cable car I guess. Mind this looks fimilar as well.

Well well well.

And so we board the cable car to the mid point and then change onto a gondala to take us to the top of Col De L'Iseran.

We go right to the top glaicer area and even go on the T bar lift which surprising isn't a struggle for me or Matt. The views up here are wonderful, breathtaking. You can see the Gand Motte where we have come from and.....

Look those buildings there. I've been here before.

Look that church in the middle of know where.....

I was here with Les, in 2001 when we did the Grand Tour De Euorpe.

Think the snow was deeper back then int eh summer of 2001!

We have a play on the many blue runs over here.

Berfore making our way back over the mountain to the Solais area and down towards Val D'Isere.

I take a moment to enjoy the veiw over Val and down the valley to the Lac Du Chevril.

Its been a long day so we decide to go out....

To the fish tank, however the drinking games are not played thankgod!


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