Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well today we want a rest, so we go to the Tuffs lift and let my practice on his snowboard. You'd never have guessed that he had taken lessons at the Tamworth Snowdome. I think he lies to me and thought he blagg it. I suppose he got better but struggled with the sitting down position (my favourite)!

From This gentle slope we could see our lovely abode! Doesn't look bad from a distance does it!

When my brother finally decided enough was enough and went to get his skis from the appartment, the snowboarders took the sitting position in one of the cafe's. And ate some energy food. After all the morning had been a tough one so far!

On our way up Tuffs you could see the Grande Motte was open for a change. We took the oppurtunity and headed up there.

Well this is me right at the top of the Grande Motte Glacier. Its a bit rocky mind. It was worth it for the veiws in the glorious sunshine....

See what I mean! WOW.

This is the cable car we came up on!

And this is the black run we are going down on!

Well once at the bottom Matt called an early day. So me and my brother headed over to the other side of Tignes to have a fast passed blast on some of the pistes we had and hadn't done before.

Look at all that rock, where is alll the snow going?

A stretcher is out ready and waiting to rescue someone.

Perhaps it is because the black Sache run has a warning about it being very icey. But wasn't it like that at the begining of the week?

I wander who died up there?

Fresh fresh fresh air, sun and snow - you can't beat it.

On one of the slowest chairlifts of the area and you'll just make out the natural arch of L Aiguille Percee.

I think we must make our way back its 4:15pm, but which way is home?

Back at base Matt is on the couch. Mind he has been in the kitchen preparing something for tea.

Some weired chicken curry. Does it taste good?

Along with numerous post cards I buy a couple of stickers for my snowboard. Great eh.


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