Sunday, January 28, 2007

With such a large area to ski and snowboard where do you start. Well with the lift that is only a few meters away from your front door thats where ;)

And so we go up the Tuffs lift and enjoy what turns out to be the first of many wide runs which are great to snowboard on.

And allow you to whizz along at hair raising speeds. It great to actually get my Niotro suprateam 163 out on some proper snow. And boy am I pleased with it. oh yeah, catch me if you can - or is that a film?

Dwon the Double M brings us towarss the village again. Ok so the place isn't pretty but then again when close in its not completely ugly. Just not picturesque!

We even venture into the mini half pipe. oh oh oh.

While I was admiring the view what I forgot about was the fact we were on a holiday with Matt. And so I titaly forgot that when he said lets go all the way to Tignes Les Brevieres right at the bottom of the valley, what he actualy ment - lets go down this long long long back run!

Which ment someone not only losing their MOJO but also their mobile phone! oh yeah lets scrape that snow away to make things easier fo rthe skier ;).

Of course being the first day there was nothing stopping me, with all my fresh joints and muscles.

Well the ride down was quite exciting, but now whilst enjoying the sceanary....

We had to make our way, and a long way it was to back up the mountain and valley.

Eventually we got back to Tignes Val Claret.

So we had a relax, some beer and I wrote to my old friend I rarely see Deadmanjones.


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