Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yet more film footage with the Wedding Crashers. I wasn't sure weather this would be any good or not, its a definet DVD type film rather than watching it at the cinema. This is the extended version, the back cover blurrb goes like this:

More footage and more laughs makes this uncorked edition comedy the most raucous party of the year!
Guided by a set of 'wedding crashing rules' John Beck with and Jeremy Grey can charm their way into any wedding... and into the hearts of every bridesmaid. But at the biggest nuptials of the year, John breaks the rules and falls for the daughter of the US Secretary of Treasury and Jeremy is left at the mercy of her 'stage five clinger' sister. Being there for his buddy, Jeremy follows John to the family's huge estate for a weekend that may even be too wild for these professional party guys.

Well if you can get past the first boring 15 minutes this gets more and more funny. Like I said it may well not have worked at the cinema but on my sofa it did!


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