Thursday, March 15, 2007

Guess what, yep its a lovely sunny day again.

And its about 25deg C this morning! Yikes will the snow last!

Today we decide to nip over to Orelle and do the quiet runs there and get to the highest summit in the 3 vallies.

By the time we got down Rosael I was hot and dehydrated so we stopped at the restuarant for a drink. A cup of tea for my brother and 1 liter of water for me. I drank the lot! Which ment that when I was finally at the top of the PTE De Bouchet (as picture above) I need to go for a leak.

Which meant I wanted to get down to the resturant as quickly as possible before I burst!

What can I say, I didn't hang around. And once I got to the resturant there was 30 minute quick, for the girls toilet and none for the lads thankgod!

Well we met up with my mom later in the afternoon for a.....

late dinner. which for me had a raw egg on top of it. I mushed it in so that I couldn't see it! It was yummy mind.

We had energiing dessert of course before going back on the pistes for a final play.

Back at the balcony I enjoyed yet another beer and admired the sunset once more.

Before enjoying another beer and admiring my snowboard!

My dad of course had a great day in, reading all the papers and enjoying a visit by the nurse.

Well a decision had to be made on weather to go to the pub or not....

It was a hard decision to make.


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