Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday and its sunny! Clear blue skies. We'll we have decided to do a trip and a half today.
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Well we are going to try and make it to the Chaplets Lift at the far left of the map in Courchevel! Maybe...

We take the lift through the center of the village and up Col De La Chambre at 2803m.

Over the summit we head down the valley to Merible Mottaret, along a long long flat (and even up hill) blue. But my Nitro Suprateam never stoppped - to my own amazement.

Once at the base of Merible Mottaret we take the gondala up the other side of the valley Pas Du Lac 1 & 2 to the summit of Saulire at 2738m.

From here it is down the other side of the mountain on Courchevel area.

It is time to check the Courchevel part of the map.

From here we head down and then up the Chanirossa lift.

Until we end up at Bosses where there is a restuarant and time for a break and a cup of tea. Mind this cost me E8.50 for 2 teas!

Well here I am on the Chalpets piste. We made it!

Now down its time to make our way back up! There no other way to go.

We now have to plan a route back to val Thornes. Which way then?

Its out with the map once more. How about via La Tania then.

So we make our way across the Courchevel mountains, up Aguille Du Fruit and down the black, Suisses.

At Courchevel near Lac we see the lake suprisingly. And then its up towards Col De La Loze.

Going down towards La Tania though we are getting low and things are becoming very icey under the shallow snow covering. And near the bottom positivily slushy!

From here we change our plans and decide straight back. So its back up the gondala and a chair lift to Col De La Loze at 2305m.

Over the summit and we are back in Merible. It is slushy slushy slushy on the high, slopes here facing the sun. And things are worse as we get lower and lower! No sitting down around here.

I lie, a soggy bum but at least Deadmanjones knows what I'm getting up to with a quick muitlmedia text.

And so it is down, through and up the other side of Merible. Once at the top of Tougnete it is time to study the BIG map and work out how the hell we get back to Val Thornes from here.

We meet a couple of others by the map thining the same thing and for a while we all work our way back togeather. Down the blue of Gros Tougne, then up Granges. Then down the red Allamands where there is a resturant and a cup of tea oppurtunity. We hadn't stopped for dinner and now it was to late but a cup of tea was most welcoming.

As we worked our way down to the Les Menuires village the snow became slushy and hard work until we got to the big chair lift Mont De La Chambre which takes us back very high to the summit of Mont De La Chambre and down hill from here to....

Val Thornes. In my egarness to get to the bar I make an error and with my now weary legs head down a long mogulled black. Bummer.

Not far now, thankgod, I could do with a beer or a few in fact.

From the balcony I have a beer and admire the sunset over the moutain top, while people watching down in the high street below.

Eventually I manage to stir a bit and go shopping. The shop next door does local specialty hams and other items. The ceiling is full of cured and dried pieces of meat.


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