Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday morning and we get up and sort out some gear for my parents. My dad needs to leave so id for a 'deposit' and so leaves his E11 card 'as he won't be needing that'.

We then go and get our lift passes. Me and my brother get the big expensive 3 Vallies pass while....

my parents get the local senior citizen rate pass!

My brother and I stick to the Val Thorens area for the first day.

We head up the mountains on this sun sun sunny day.

A few simple runs to get us warmed up and then..

We look back down to the village ski base area as we head up high.

To the Glacier De Chaviere at 3133m. Wow what a view.

And so from here its all down hill as we head for...

The BIG cable car up to Cime De Caron at 3200m.

Right at the top though there are high winds and the fine icy snow is being picked up and blown against the skin of your face. It stings but I should have lovely cheeks after this.

Perhaps we should get out of here!

By the end of the day we are exhausted but eager to make a plan for tommorrow..


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