Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well guess what. Its a lovely summers day in winter! The best how lovely.

Exhausted from yesterday I take it slightly easier and don't race to the slopes this morning.

Eventually I meet up with my brother and dad. As can be seen here he's flying.

Well things don't go that well as half way down one slope my brother and me await my dad to catch up. Then we consider perhaps he has gone past so I head down to the next lift. Then I get the call. ' I've fallen and can't get up. Can you get some help.' 'Ar eyou sure this will be costly?' ' Yes I'm sure' and so off I go to ge the ski patrol to find him put him on a stretcher and ski do him off to the medical center. Several hours later with his leg braced we place him down half way to the appartment at a cafe.

No need to waste any more of the day its back onto the slopes for me ;)

We stay local today wizzing up and down the slopes of Val Thornes me looking into the distance at a tower on the summit of a mountain.

The sun stays out all day long warming our faces and lighting up the wonderful white sceanary.

Eventualy we call it day and go and get our dad from the cafe we had 'abandond' him at. It was a slow slow slow walk back to the apartment.

Erm I want to get to that tower before the end of the week I do.

Well for the second time that day I abandoned my dad and had out with my brother.

Obviously I don't get far. In fact the bar next door again!

There is a choice of Leffe's or the Jupiter which seems hellishly strong! Mind it helps write some postcards to Deadmanjones!

And on the way home I stop and get some dinner in the form of takeaway pizza. Oh how nice is the French food!


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