Sunday, March 25, 2007

Well I had a txt off Deadmanjones and with nothing happening, I decided to get off my FAT arse and go and see him. I loaded the car with beer and shot off in the direction of Manky.

He hadn't warned me of the 40 zone and roadworks on the motorway, but then as he doesn't drive I guess he didn't know. So it was now dark, but did that matter?

Not for what we had planned it didn't. Can you spot it? Nope its not the HD flat screen TV.

Its to do with that large box underneith called a Playstation 3.

Mr Tickle seemed to be hogging the one sofa.

And me the other!

The only time I seemed to get a go was when Deadmanjones went and got some chilled beers out the fridge ;)

Well the gaming went a bit like this. Obviously via You Tube so the film quality is poor! So you'll have to take my words for it, its bloomin good.

Well its been many years since I've stayed up gaming late. It was 3 or 4am before we went to bed depending how you looked at it!

The next morning Zoe kept us well supplied with tea so that we didn't have to move from the machine!

"When is Nack going to go home do you think? There no tea bags or beer left!"

Well eventually I go home via some of Stockports many attractions!

Ah the Great Pyramid of Stockport! What a great time we had...

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