Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well Wednesday doesn't get off to a good start, we give my dad his pain killers whihc make him go unconcious in a bad way. I end up rushing back to the clinic with the pills and an ambulance is called. Back at the apartment he has come round but it is decided he must go to the hospital in Moutiers. And so off go my mom and dad for an unexpected day trip. It would appear that I now need to get my dads E111 card back from the ski hire shop. Luckily the sun is out again today:)

We spend most of the day skiing the bottom left area. I was keen to see if the piste to Les Menuires was open or not to get to the tower on the top of the mountain. It scertainly was.

But first we ended up going Funitel Grand Fond Gondala, down the red Falaise and then up the BIG cable car of Cime Caron.

It was far sunnier than the last time we had been up here. So I admired the veiw back over Val Thornes.

It was dinner time so we stopped and filled our bellies.

And while I was up here I thought I'd take a video of the view of the many many peaks my dad wasn't going to see this year with his own eyes.

Well it was time to race down the great red run of Col De L'audzin...

And then hook off the very unused black of Cristaux.

We take the quiet opportunity to get some film footage of me truly giving it some ;)

We play down this far end going up and down the slowest lift of all the lifts in the 3 vallies in our belief anyway, the Plan De L'eau at Val Thornes lowest point of 1800m. Eventually we get a call asking us to collect my mom and dad from the Moutiers hospital.

Well the hospital wasn't that hard to find. But I was hard to find the bloomin car. Yep all I could remember was parking it in the pink zone. Now you must understand the car park is big. In fact its 3 buildings big. And yes I found the pink section eventually and no car. And then I found another pink section and no car. And then I decided I must have not parked in the pink section after all. So I walked the whole car park. And then I remembered I parked it in the furthest part of the car park which had two basement floors. Low and behold there was yet another pink section and the car! So off down to Moutiers and back we went!

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