Monday, March 05, 2007

Whiole the cat was taking over the sofa I got a txt from sara. And so off I went out in the rain to lend her my Cav.

While I was I took my tool box and thought I'd see if I could get to the bottom of all this water.

Well on this Audi A4 the plug hole under neither the battery compartment had blocked causing a swimming pool effect!


Worse still the gromet on the bonnet release cable was not in position, crap was blocking the drainage from this section to the 'swimming pool area and the only way out was in fact in, into the car via the back of the dash.

And while we were at it we replaced the black scummy pollen filter that proably wasn;t letting any air thorugh at all with a nice new one. Now how did the car go back togeather? Greenie were you watching. And no I couldn't figger out where that internal buzzing sound was comng from!

Well all this excitment made Greenie really tired so while he and Emma slept....

I played with the toys....

Watch Sponge Bob Square Pants!

Eventually everyone woke up and played with me. Sara made some Sunday lunch. You would have that the kids would have made me tired but no.....

I went for a swim at 8pm and used my new goggles, great suction! But bollocks where did that contact lenses go? eh that's all I needed. Well at least ER was on.


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