Saturday, April 28, 2007

My cold is worse than Friday. I spend some time at Tesco's again! Before getting ready for going out to the 95 High Green Restuarant in Cannock to meet Les for his 34th Birthday meal.

For starters a few of us had the pigeon. Odd red meat like beef if you ask me. Then the was lots of fish going round for mains. Beardy choose whole sole. A real fish with many bones.

While I knew at ordering I should have made it clear I'd rather not have a head. I mean they chopped the tail off but left the head on. eerrrrr.

While Beardy is most upset about finding bones in his fish, Les is bemused by the whole thing. Of course Sara is thinking 'he's taking another photo of me, he is I'll kill him ;)' Thank god Greenies restraining her.

Beardy just can't get over that there was bones in his fish. Back to cod I guess next time for him then.

I manage to finish of my fish, although the consentration of eating the seabase has slowed my beer intake somehwhat.

Luckily my nose seems to have dried up and there no snot dribbling out of it.

Well for some its bed time but for others the party goes on......


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