Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday morning and I got to Les's house. You could hear the snoring through the front window.Obviously my txt had not woken him up. Neither did my first telephone call. Eventually though I got some abuse thrown down my ear.

After a cup of tea we got away heading east past Shrewsbury and then onto Knockin on the way to Bala

Just before Knockin we past a group of MX5's obviuosly on a day out somewhere. I waved and they erm seemed to follow! They eventually pulled over again - I wonder who they were waiting for?

Just a little bit past Knockin we stopped to enjoy the sun and the view of the valley below

From Bala we head around the North side of the lake and then up a B road over the top of the mountains towards Ffestiniog.

There is a veiwing area so we have another stop and get out.

Can you see that over there?

That white house?

That ruin of a building?

The road we have just come down?

Let me get the map out.

Me on a good day?

What is it then Les?

Its a dam.

From here we head towards Portmadog where

We hit our first traffic jam.

Our next slow moving traffic is at Pwllheli

No stopping here though its onto Abersoch.

Abersoch described to me in a pub as the Tenby of North Wales. I'm confuised I'm baffled. I think they must have been on drugs!

We find somewhere to park - a mean feat as this place is small and busy.

The beeches look nice.

Being dinner time we get some fish and chips from the center of the village

And head to the beach to eat them.

We watch the world go by.

Then the rescue team fly in and wave to everyone on the beech.

It flies down the golden stretch of sand.

The water is crystal clear and most inviting.

Our big slush puppies - rasberry flavour of course - just don't melt!

The helicopter is flying off into the distance.

We decide to head off to pastures green and walk back to the car.

We decide to drive along the northen coast and pop into a place Les used to stay at when he was a child.

We saw a sign which said beech. This was somewhat of an exageration. However there was part of a house there.

Perhaps you could afford this Nack. The views are wonderfull.

And so we admire the.....

rock formations and Wales's

Giants Casueway.

Pretty much the same size as the one in Island.

We are not the only admirers.

Its very flat here.



Les admires what they have done with the fence here.

We move on to that place Les used to stay at. Yes it down a steep hill to the beech.

You call this a beech?

Yes but not a sandy one I remember.

Hold on, we're in the wrong place its way over there!

We leave and move onto..

Caernarfon, famous for its

in-tacked castle.

Well outside walls anyway.

We wander around

Admire the 'floating restuarant' - which isn't floating.

And then wander around the old town walls.

All the way to the Albert Dock. But this is no Liverpool.

The church, but Les doesn't want to go anywhere near it muttering something about seeing enough of them in Spain and Italy!

The place I buy Sara a post card from.

My car and Caernarfon Castle.

Then its over to Anglesey across

Across the Menia Strait on the Britannia bridge.

What we going to do here then Les? Look at the other bridge of course, the Menia Bridge.

Very nice. Is that station with the very long name around here?

Sure is. It's down here somewhere.

Look there it is in the far distance.

Here we are.

Is that you on the bridge Nack. Looks like they have taken the pillions down this year.

Les will you take my picture by the very long name?

Yes :). Now thats made my day. But why do I need to go right?

The lights come on for our presence.

Les and the Long name to but he's not that frilled!

The map shows you can get from Wolverhampton to Tenby ok. Erm might try that one day then.

the shop across the car park with a very long name too.

What shall we do now then? How about we see if we find those lions on the bridge that you don't see if you cross it. Erm but how do we find them?

Well you have to go to church first.

Look you can see them from here, but follow me....

We can a better view still though by going through the grave yard.

Where are you taking us?

This way.

Look there's Nelson too.

It's one pretty grave yard. How do you know of such places Nack. This way Les.

Look who died here!

We are not alone!

erm whats that smell. We could get right up and Touch Nelson's Column ooooo eerrr

Or view the lions of which four guard each corner of Britannia Bridge

Ah the lions. Hardly ever seen.

Riught then to Nelson before the tied comes in and we are swept away. Have you brought the key?

The key, you'll see.

Ah here we are.

Me and Nelson

Lets get back

Back to the church then.

Where to now? That other statue.

but who is it of?

Don't you know?

Right now we all know.

We leave across the Brittania Bridge.

Next stop the great Orme

Romantical we watch along with many other the sun go down, colouring the backdrop a lovely set of reds and purples.

Further around the head of the land is a qauint church and huge grave yard!

We head down into Llandudno for Tea.

We park outside this restaurant and so Les and I go in for a table for 2.

I have Red Snapper and Les Mousackaa.

Well what a nice day out. Believe it or not I drive home with the roof up for a change ;)


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