Monday, April 02, 2007

Sunday and I got up and went out on this very spring morning.

My Eunos finally ran out of petrol so I could reposition the feul gauge better. Amazingly it came to a stop at 437km. Now I've done 450km's before! So boy I have previuolsy been near the bottom of the tank!

My journey took me to a scrap yard to get some bits for the Cav. It now has a cabin blower that doesn't tick and drive you nuts at various speeds!

And while I was in there I found some more rust to sort out!

I managed to get hold of this new lloking water bottle to for the cooling system. Now I can watch the coolant whizz around the system madly!

But the main reason to go was to get one of these. A another ignition switch as the oringal one had gone faulty and had a tendence to turn the engine off every now and again! So now all fixed. I even spent an hour on the poly filler for the rear arch. Well the MOT is due at the middle of this month. Will the car pass or not????

I have planted four batches of seeds a couple of days ago.

And this is how they are doing!

We all know I'm not the best person with plants unless they are yukkas.

Anyway we will see what happens. I'm surprised they've even started to spring up!

What would I do with you if got a flat screen TV?


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