Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday night I went for a couple of pints in Birmingham to see Dan who left our humble company in February.

One pint in The Old Joint Stock, lead to another, then another, then another. Which in turn lead to a curry house I knew round some rahter dodgy area. Mighty fine curry though.

Fromt eh curry house we went to the Arcadian center via the World Famous Mr Eggs of course!

Eventaully it was time to go home, get a £1:50 ticket for the Virgin Express to Wolverhampton.

The Train was due at 10:18. And oddly it remained on time until the last minute when it suddenly became a further 15 miuntes away! Well it wasn't busy on the train and I was bursting.

I had a good read of the good old mag and about Jarvis Coker but what about I can't remember.

Well I made it to Wolvo with half an hour to burn to the bus. Now what should I do with myself. Another beer, erm I too drunk already really for a school night, a keebab, well I've just eaten a huge curry meal. I'll just hang about the afterglow of wolvo I guess.


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