Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well I spent a fair while in the Temple of Tesco on Saturday. While I was there I gave Big-L a call to see if he wanted to get his BBQ out and I would sort out some beer, food and large steaks.

Well as you can see he didn't turn me down.

And so it was first the pork steaks.

And while that was cooking I opened a very special bottle of beer I had been saving for many a year. Grottenburg Beer. And it was fantastic.

The heat coming off Tesco discountinued lump wood carcoal was immense.

Les lite up the garden candles

Time to cook the steaks now, very hot but very slowly.

Some chilli and cheese on mine to make it that little bit more yummie.

It got darker but guess who turned up with a very long walk...

Yep walk aholic Beardy.

Les suddenly remembers he's got a fire work we can let off. ooooo gooodie

It was placed down the garden. And lite......

What will the neighbours say????

It got darker and colder....

It was lucky Big-L had a patio heater and it still worked even though the gauge read empty.

Mind the BBQ was still hot anyway.

It would seem we had got through 8 bottles of quality beer and 18 can of my favourite Carlsberg,

When you finish off that last can I know what we can start on...

Well the last can went on the BBQ...

And so the night was ended with several Perno's until 1:30 - 2am. At which point.....

Les declared it was time for bed. Where had the time gone?


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