Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Well if you can remember I was changing broadband provide after many many good years with the Utility Wharehouse. Anyway I ignored Les and tried to join AOL. But perhaps I should have listened to him or perhaps God was just on my side. Once orderedd I received a response inthe form of a letter from them, which read along the lines of 'BT our braodband network provider, has notified us that you are unable to receive broadband at your house. oh oh oh Well I gave them a MAC code for gods sack so they must know I had broadband already via BT.Perhaps Les was right and it does stand for Assholes On Line. Anyway onwards and upwards....

Next I choose Virgin 'Upto 8meg unlimited' at £17.99 a month (there arn't that many options here). Well it all went in and I sat back. I even went on holiday and when I got back I found an email saying they had cancelled my order without a reason. I called them to find out why and apparently it was because my MAC code would not work. So once I got my MAC code reconfirmed I spoke to them again and after a lengthy conversation all seemed ok. TODAY is the first day I have been connected to Virgin. Well I'm not up to 8meg but it does say it takes ten days and I couldn't really get much further away from the exchange here........

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